Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bo'ness lads step-on

Luis Ferraris Stadium
World Cup 1990
Wi aw these yung yins jumpn oan the Tartan Army bandwagon n thir 'Cumn roond the road' pish, its easy ti furget thit BOOB wur the trailblazers fur Bo'ness representation in foreign lands.
Here we see Binnz, Superplumb n Alec Binnz gein it laldy n gittn a chorus gaun i a REAL song, namely "We Hate Jimmy Hill", it the hame grund i Sampdoria.
Later the lads wid be celebratn a famous victory against Sweden in this very place.
N if ye look hard enough the nixt time McCall's goal is oan the telly ye kin see us celebratn in the backgroond.


Anonymous said...

ma fave new website - - loads of unintentonal humour

Carrier said...

HE HE - but ironically, according ti
'Jobby' has gaun doon the pan.

the italian said...

ah huvnae seen ye oan the telly it this game, but ah did see Carrier & Markybhoy oan 'That wiz the team that wiz' the year that wim's tim's won the league. thur wiz a braw close up i baith i yeez. Well ah say 'braw' bit ye ken whit ah mean!