Thursday, April 19, 2007

I keep mine hidden

Regular visitors will ken bi noo thit a few i the BOOBs are Smiths fans, n they may be interestit ti learn thit oor auld BOOB pal Johnny Marr (actually 'Maher', same spelln is Billy fi Bo'ness) is noo layin doon his fretwork wi Modest Mouse, recently gaun ti Number Yin in the States wi their new album.
Maher's influence kicks in oan track 3 'Fire it up', an obvious reference ti the BBQ , yon time he came campn doon the Crookies wi us.
True JM afficionados may be interested ti read the article in this month's Q when he recounts the brek-up i the Smiths it Geale's Fish restaurant in Notting Hill in 1987, premises thit, ti this day, are still no is gid is Corvi's, Bart or Berti servin.

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Flash said...

I was frigging thrilled to hear one of my favorite guitarists (and bands) would join with one of my new favorite bands. And what I've heard so far has been unreal. Thank you Marr. Thank you Mouse. Carry on.