Thursday, April 12, 2007

Right Tupper

I wis in Poamint the nicht n, is a special treat, bocht Wee Gill a fish supper oot i the "Award-winning" chip shoap up there, ah canny mind the name. Ah've goat ti say a wis mair thin a wee bit disappointit wi the quality i the fare (yin n a hauf greasy bits i fish) n the glum-faced servers. It's easy ti be biaised, bit ye canny beat a gid blether n a Fish Supper oot i Corvi's, the Bo'ness Fish Tea restaurant made famous in the 1950s, eftir appearn in the Victor as 'Tough i the Track' Alf Tupper's favourite eatery (see above)(bleendies - click foaty ti read it).

1 comment:

Big Gonga said...

It canna be Corvi's.
Whar's Chip shop Annie??