Thursday, October 25, 2007

Talkin Heads, Talkin Sense

Yin i the simple pleesures fur any BOOB boarn within the sound i the Foondry Hoarn is a visit ti the auld manor, G-pans ti catch up wi the gossip.

N whit better place ti dae that thin a trip ti Bo'ness' favourite hairdressers Talking Heads, Dower House, G-pans (01506 826219) where a Gentleman's Wash, Cut & Blow-dry will cost u a paltry £8 (a tenner really cos ur eiweys expectit ti leave a tip or YOU become the subject i the conversation fur bein a "mooly-pig"). Clipper Guard 2 is particularly recommended.

Anyweiys regular BOOB visitors Christa, Barbara-Ann n Emma wur telln me thit:

1. Thur's a Polish Waddn oan i Bridgeness Club the nicht.
2. A couple fi Bo'ness are due ti appear oan 'Wife Swap'.

Beat that Lithgi!


Mowgli said...

Haircut? Whit's that?

Tricky said...

Aboot 10 bob for you Mowg

Mowgli said...

"10 bob". Hmm, I'm not familiar with this olde worlde money. Is that what you get for your pension Tricky instead of Sterling?

Tricky said...

Worra fkn liberty

Flash said...

James fi Oz here. Is that no a photie of Ian Snedden? If no, he hud a double.

Reminds me of a few 'Wullie Welson's' I received any number of times. Naw, every time!

Flash said...

Wullie Welson? Freekin' Wilson. Confused my vowels there!