Monday, November 19, 2007

Bitter Bo'ness

Sr Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez.
A pish-poor performance sir. No jist the free-kick it the end. How miny saft decisions did ye gie?

Nae surprises tho - you've got foarm in favourin the big clubs n the big countries, ay?
Mind you wur in charge i Celtic's Champions League match wi Manchester United last year? Penalising Shaun Maloney fur a handbaw decision is he charged doon a free-kick wi his back ti the baw? Penalty in the last ten meenits. Bung in the poakit. Joab done. No quite - unfortunately fur u the Holy Goalie saved it.

Eviryhing went fine fur ye oan Settirdiy tho', ay? Hope u enjoyed your post-match meal it Gattuso's Faithir-in-law's restaurant. Hope ye git food poisoning anaw, n yir nixt shite's a hedgehog.

Whit's done is done, so harden the fk up Scotland.
World Cup 2010 here we come.

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