Friday, November 16, 2007

BOOBs inspire Scots to Victory - 1990

Luis Ferraris Stadium
Genoa, Italy
World Cup 1990
This foaty serves ti inspire us aw the moarin. The Tartan Army didny feel confident eftir we hud been gubbed bi Costa Rica days before n feart the worst against Sweden.
Bit we wur staunin oan the shooders i giants.
N when Boys of Old Bo'ness stalwarts Superplumb, Binnz n Eck turnt up, the crowd wur liftit.
Bo'ness confidence wis injectit inty the airms i the fans like a Corbieha' junkies last fix.
"Git right inty thum" wis the cry in the familiar Bo'ness dialect i the Grant, Sneddon n Hamilton clans.
The rest is history. A 2-1 victory against the oadds.
Believe Bo'ness, n we kin dae it again.

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