Sunday, November 25, 2007

Showin Aff

Mair fun from last Wednesday's game in the Daily Torygraph:

Opera singing Brit Tony Henry has become a Croatian hero for mispronouncing a line in the country's national anthem before its team consigned a lamentable England to the dustbin of footballing history on Wednesday night.The ditty is "written in the old Croat style", the Telegraph explains, and instead of singing Mila kuda si planina - "You know my dear how we love your mountains" - Henry thundered Mila kura si planina, or "My dear, my penis is a mountain"

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Carrier said...

He He - am readn in the day's papers thit the Croatias wur pishn themselves laffin afore the game.
They think that's whit spurred thum oanty victory, and are thinkn i takin Tonyboy ti Euro 08.
He's a national hero ower thair, n bi default, in Scotland tae.