Thursday, November 29, 2007

Teddy Bear Blasphemy

News is reachn BOOB HQ the nicht that the Teddy Bear Blasphemy row has escalated ti Bo'ness.

A group of local diehard Rangers supporters huv complained ti the Government that the media huv insulted fans i the great Glasgow Rangers, the most revered team in Protestantism, by applying their name to a stuffed toy animal.

An anonymous spokesman, known only as 'Sammy Baird' said, "Evirybidy kens thit we are the Teddy Bears, n we are the People. This is a disgrace n an insult ti god-fearin, hard workin christian, muslim and jewish fans the world ower. We ur callin oan the Government ti jile the editors i these blasphemin publications, or it least fkn lash thir erses. Meanwhile oor members ur boycotting every paper in the land, except the Daily Record".

After their usual visit ti the Old Kirk on Sunday Mr Baird intends ti lead an angry protest march thru the town to express their disgust it the situation, ending in a wee refreshment it the Cross Keys.

Ally McCoist is 49.

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