Thursday, November 08, 2007


Yan might be oanty sumhing here.


WeeGC said...

Take it eatin chips disnae help gee yi mair energie.

Carrier said...

Oanly if they are fried in VEGETABLE oil and no that Bo'ness staple - lard.

Orpheus H Cumlouden said...

Richt, enough. Pit up wi this long enuff. Lon Chaney disny rhyme wi fanny. It's as in chainy, like a chain. See & listen here -
There's hunners i ither rhymes ye kin yase: Manto, Shareen, Jim & Danny, Aunt Annie. Lon & Chaney & Lon Chaney arny 3 of them.
Ya fainey!

Orpheus H Cumlouden said...

Sorry. Ah'm stressed. Ah've been under a loat of pressure recently.

Carrier said...

Nae problems Orpheus. Ah take ur pint, bit its oanly fair thit the originator i the rhyming couplet, namely Lorne, hus the richt i reply. Lorne?

Do any ithir readers have a Chaney fixation? Whit's your favourite nickname fur "doon thair"?
Best entrant receives a slate salvaged fi the BU Club roof.