Sunday, December 09, 2007

Brekkin: Xmas Miracle it Kinglass Health Centre

A consumptive Bo'ness man hus the nicht reportit anithir miraculous appearance i the iconic G-pans legend Geets - this time in a chist X-ray.
The man who cannot be named fur clinical confidentiality reasons reportedly "jist aboot coaffd ma lungs up" with shock when he wis presentit with the image.
Local GPs are bafflt is ti why Geets should choose ti show up this time in the form i ionising radiation. Previous appearances huv been in a stain in a Lithgi Bistro, in the windae i Bridgeness Tower yin Fair Day n oan the erse i a stray dug in Jamieson Avenue (aw i which huv been shown here oan the BOOB).
Here it BOOB we arny si shocked is we ken Geets is up thair lookn eftir us, esp. it this time i year.

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