Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wow My Boat Has Also Came In What Are the Chances!

Coodny bileeve thit 2 oh us oan thi site cood hit thi jackpot in the same week wit r thi chances oh that min? Diny aw bi gittin jelus noo!!! Ken Lawson and Mrs Brown are lovely folk, thats aw I kin say!!!
"Attention: Winner

You have won 700,000.00 Euro in EURO MILLION ONLINE INT.LOTTERY SPAIN.For further Clarification and CLAIM procedure please Contact,Mr.Ken lawson,Email: kalawson11@sify.com

(1)Tic Nr:6460DGH
(2)Sr Nr:0909AOB09
(3)LU Nr:726726XZJHN
(4)BTNr: 2GH267XZZ1-5-42
(5)RF Nr:9527BCV-33-7-7-7

Mrs.Maria Brown"

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Carrier said...

U spawny baistert!