Friday, January 04, 2008

Blast Fi the Past

This time fi the Miami Vice era Fair Day.
Miami Vice the first time aroond, ken?

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Sparky said...

Wow what an ancient fotie!!Hello to Snash and Gairdy and aw the boys of auld Boanyukks!!

What a stoatir of a site!! Came acroass it by accident jist efter Crimbo when I wiz visiting ma twin skin n blister - Helen.

Canny bleev ya bunch o auld baistirts huv goat a web-shite. Superb!!

Ah turnt foarty on 07/07/07 last year. As it seemt like a lucky numbered day, I pit oan bets at the bookies, the lottery etc - awthing n wun fuck all. So ah went n spent a few days on vodka therapy - as ye dae.

Ah visited Bo'Ness last year n popped into Corvi's etc, n saw the mining wheel monument thingy. The toon wis awfy deed but it wis wednesday n ah fergoat thit the toon shuts half day. Mibby if it wis signing oan day at the dole it might've been busier.

Walkin along - avoiding the tumblweed - ah hud a look fir aw them "touristy bits" as ah red in the Sun (Scottish anti-hun) an the Daily Record (Daily Rangers) that Boanyukks wiz gonny be the Blackpool o the North.

Piece of advice fur the toon cooncil - stoap turning aw the pubs intae wummins' refoogz - whaurs the torists gonny huv a swally? An when's the illoominashins?? Dinny huv them during the trades hoalidays cos awbdy in Bo'ness wull be IN Blackpool!!

Ahv bin awa fi the toon fur years, huvn went back tae the Airmy and spendn loadsa time away gettn a tan n speakn arabic (it gets ye served dead quick in the corner shops tho so its gid fer sumfin). The only thing the airmy disnae prepare ye fur is the huge scary camel spiders - they're like that thing fi "Alien" that stuck tae yon boys coupon!! Yeuch!!

Onywaes, yer web page is braw. Ahm awa noo tae make an incredible meltin plasticine man n sell it tae the cooncil fur thoosands!!

Aw the best fur 2008 n aw that malarky :-)

yours aye

Liam "Sparky" Malarky