Wednesday, January 23, 2008

BOOB presents: Jimmy Shand v 50 Cent

In a cynical attempt ti cash in oan the current zeitgeist n generate traffic, here's that Jimmy Shand remix.
Gid yin fur Lorne's dochter ti dae the Canadian Barn Dance ti wi her auld Uncle Ghinga tae!

1 comment:

sparky said...

50 cents?

Ah widny gie ye 20 pence fur him!! :-)

Jimmy Shand on the other hand is brilliant but gies me nightmares.

Keeps reminding me of practising the dances afore christmas at the skool n gettn lumbered wi tracy sneddon..

ah huv tae sit doon noo av gone aw post traumatic stress disorder again....

back to the shrink fer me :-)