Sunday, January 13, 2008

Human Smurf Daein Himsel Nae Favours

Bad enough he's turnt this colour, bit the beard is sharely takin it too far min.


Big Gonga said...
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Big Gonga said...

Hells-Bells, afore he turnt blue wis he no "Flakey" McLaughlin the Biology teacher at the Academy?
Ye wid think he wid ken better.

papaclio said...

No way it's Rab Hardie fi G-Pans

sparky said...

I got the shock of ma life when I saw it - I thocht it was ma faither!!

If it wisny fur the fact ah funt him deed six years ago ad be huvn wurds wi him!! :-)

yon boy will huv nae problems gettn intae Ibrox thats for sure!!