Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Whaur's Lorne Goat Tae?

We huv received this letter theday at BOOB HQ:

"Dear BOOB,
Am I the oanly yin ti noatice the absence i BOOB stalwart n Famous Lithgi Restauranteur Lorne Sossage fi the BOOB website since the turn i the year? Ah yased ti look foarwart ti his idiosyncratic inane poasts n misogynistic comments eftir ma supper. Is he awright? Ah wis doon the Toon n owerheard twa auld wummin askin eftir "yon hirsute laddie wi the coconut green mankini". Could his absence be due ti a new PC he goat fur his Xmas thit is simply too complex fur him? Or could it be the new Wii he boacht, ahem, fur his doachter? Or hus his WAG simply pit her foot doon n telt him he's banned fi the computer eftir look inty his Internet Favourites?
Ah think we should be telt!
Yours, etc.
"Concerned Stovies Fan"

Well readers - embdy seen um lately?


Tricky said...

he's there. Spoatit. Just below Fred Astaire, between Marilyn Monroe and Oscar Wilde (natch), above Johnny Weismuller (Best Tarzan. Ever). That's him, innit?

Btw, ah've never noticed Graham Taylor oan the Sgt Pepper's cover afore. Top left, next tae Marlene Deitrich. Dae ah no like that?

WeeGC said...

Lorne spoatit in fawkirk oan sunday didnae look to please gittin takin ti the shoaps wi his WAG.