Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hunnerth Fair Queen Retinue Update

Big Sis hus been gittn the gen doon it the Dentists n it seems the BOOB genes are well representit this year it the Bo'ness Fair.

So is weel is congrats ti Revie n Marie, wi auld Temps proudly leadin the bands, a speshel aw the best ti the Snashes, n Mr & Mrs Tricky. BOOB volunteers wul be required fur airch building.

Also congrats ti our auld pals Blacko wha's lassie is the Queen i the Flower Girls n Tommy Timms wha's laddie is the Champion.

St.Mary's this year - summer sun gleamin guaranteed.

1 comment:

sparky said...

Congratulations to all o ye :-)

C'mon the green grapes - sorry St. Mary's o' the Assumption!!

Canny wait!! Will defo be up at the Fair this year - booking the day aff for sure!! Whaurs ma travel warrants?