Monday, February 18, 2008

Thumbs up Len

Regards they films below. Ah meant ti say, Wee Gill took me ti see Cloverfield the ithir nicht.
Excellent min.
Forget aboot the monster - it's allegorical.
THINK aboot whit's happn.
Imagine the Enemy wur tearin doon the Toon.
Whit wid u dae?
Scary stuff, go see.


Mowgli said...

What's wrong with The Enemy? Great band.

Carrier said...

Point taken Mowgli. And did u ken thit The Enemy met their original manager John Dawkins under the Coventry City crest i the Ricoh Arena eftir a game between Coventry and Celtic fur the Richard Shaw Testimonial?
Bit a meant the REAL Enemy, the yin thit lies in yir subconscious mind..

Yan said...

Is apposed ti the Public Enemy wha'll jist tell ye whit time it is, Booaay!