Monday, February 04, 2008

Unscrupulous Lithgi Bistro Owner Cashes in oan Star Trek Premiere

Wi news in this week's jurnal thit shameless Lithgi cooncillors hope ti stage the European Premiere i the new Star Trek movie, yasein a tenuous link ti Scotty bein boarn thair sometime in the future (ah ken - fkn nuts min), local Michelin Nae Stars chef Lorne Sossage is hopin ti boldly go whaur nae Bistro owner hus gaun afore n cash in wi his Star Trek themed menu.

So far:

Ham "Bones" Soup
Nimoy Noodles wi Spock-fried vegetables
Fruits of De Forest Gateau
Raspberry Tribble Ice Cream
Rodden Berry Cheesecake

Shatner Coffee

Any mair? Each suggestion gits a 10% share i the profits.


Lorne said...

How aboot.
TiramaSulu also available fir George Takei-away.

Anonymous said...

Trekle sponge n custard, Starship buttie, cup of james T...

sparky said...

Very good Lorne :-)- like them jokes!!

A few questions...

Does yer microwave work at warp speed?

If klingons dinny pay their bill do u hit them wi a Vulcan death grip?

Have u ever had any wun de-materialise before they paid it?

Do gay trekkies set their phasers to stun?

I'm sure Lt Uhuru was at the La Fabrique - no it wis probly Shirley Bassey!!

Onyway this is all quite illogical.