Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Ya Bunch i F******s"

Flashmob Freeze
National Gallery
Last Sunday
A wonder they nivir goat thir bags nocked.


sparky said...

Far too much time on their hands for their own good - silly buggers!!!

Oh I know lets all rush to Edinburgh n stand around as still as a statue for an hour - tits!!!

its like that game we got at gym time so the teacher cood disappear for a quick puff

WeeGC said...

It widnae be as bad if te didnae see ither fannies walkin aboot wi cameras? How the F**k dis it no piss doon oan the weird.

futin det said...

If ye asked them ti jump in the doak wid they ... actually they probably wid.
Daft bastards.

Yan said...

it's eyewis freezin in Embra,nuhin new there