Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bored 80s

Mid Eichties
Ewart Grove

In the Eichties, lang afore Playstations, Wiis n the Interweb hud reached the Toon the BOOBs hud ti make thir ain entertainment. In this recently released foaty fi the Snash Bros Archives we kin see Superplumb rewirin a plug, a popular pastime in dem days. Binnz is aboot ti remark thit a bigger fuse wul be needed n oaffirs ti draw a wirin diagram, promisin ti deliver it bi 2010. Futin Det is deep in thought, waitin in vain fur the buzz eftir a draw i yin i the Reidmeister's toastit banany skin roll-ups. Later, the Snash wid treat the lads ti 5 secint snippets i music fi each i yin his records. A great time wis hud bi aw.

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