Monday, March 24, 2008

Brekkin: Wettn the bairns heid date set

Not so Sags hus officially confirmed thit the date fur the traditional 'wettn the heid' ADS is Settirday the 5th April, 2008.
Git it in yir diaries.
Times ti be confirmed.
Likely meeting point is the Shank.
Aw welcome.


Binnz said...

Should be OK fur me.

Lorne said...

See, it's aweways the same, a day oot organised and am awaw tae the National wi Mrs Lorne, a've nae feckin luck. Sorry boys mibbi nixt time.
At least a should git a ride it the end of the night.
And afore yeeze say it, no in the last race.

Carrier said...

Aw bets are aff ye dinny!
Nae luck san.
Need ti wait fur the neixt bairn comin alang.
Mibbe nine months eftir the National?

Yan said...
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Lorne said...

Aye wee Gill's comin doon tae.

Anonymous said...

The plan is ti meet in the HamShanker at back o 3 on Setirday. All are welcome

WeeGC said...

Take it ter gaun ti Lithgie later?
It 3 o'clock I'll be it the big game in Fife. Cowden v Alloa. Need ti mind in git oot before the bangers stairt.

Carrier said...

Ok - c u later oan Wee GC?

Carrier said...

Speakn ti Not So the day.

The plan is ti watch the National aboot fower, then heid ower the Flints thereftir.

We'll be in contact wi oor "on course" totemaistir Lorne fur the latest gen oan the cuddies.