Thursday, March 06, 2008

Famous Bo'ness Landmarks

The Crawyett
Built bi the renowned Scottish civil engineer Thomas Telford in 1810 this brig hus stood the test i time guairdin the western approaches ti Bo'ness. Made i the same brick is Cassaloan, the Crawyett hus survived twa world wars, narrowly escapin bein bombed bi the Luftwaffe wha targeted the brig is an important rail link between the important port i Bo'ness n the Normandy Beaches oan D-day. In recent times the brig hus been reinforced wi a hunner tons i concrete ti stoap t collapsin under the weicht i steam train enthusiasts. Look closely and you can will see inscribed the words i the traditional greeting to welcome vistors:
"Enter Krasy Bo'ness"

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