Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St.Paddy's Day

Believe it or naw ah've traced ma faimily back ti Bud Rooney fi Shankill Parish, Lurgan, Co. Armagh, c.1800.
He wis a barber.
That's probably whey ah've still got aw ma hair.
Gid genes, ken.
Ma Granny's relatit ti Rabbie Burns anaw, bit that's anithir stoary.
Am awa ti hae a nip fi that boatil i Bushmills Not so gave me fur ma birthdiy.


Tricky said...

St Patrick's Day wis 15th March this year.
Ah think you need a wee ecumenical refresher course wi Mrs Malarky.

Mowgli said...

My great-grandparents were from Ireland, the tangerine section.

Celular said...

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Carrier said...

Ye canny beat a nice Brazilian, ay lads?

Carrier said...

Hing oan Trickster - accordn ti ma diary St. Paddy's wis indeed oan Monday. N google hud shamrocks up anaw.
Wur you in Mrs Ferry's class?

Tricky said...


St. Patrick's Day is usually celebrated March 17, but Ireland's bishops have shifted the feast day, in honor of the national saint, to Saturday, March 15, reported The Associated Press.

Church authorities reportedly spent weeks debating where to move the feast day because March 17, 2008, falls on the second day of Holy Week next year.

ya wee fkn heathen. What would Johnny Hyde say? He'll be burlin min.

Yan said...

That'll be an ecumenical matter Tricky

Carrier said...

Bejaasus - 12 Hail Marys, 3 Oor Faihirs n an Act i Contrition flung in fur gid meesure.

"The next conflict with Holy Week is not expected until 2160".

Ah'll remember the nixt time.

Carrier said...

This is the first Mass Debate ah've hud durin Lent.