Thursday, April 24, 2008

BOOBs Alert: Brook Singul Again

Thon Zane chucked

In whit some readers may see is a gratuitous excuse ti pit her foaty up, news is reachn BOOB HQ the nicht thit yon Kelly Brook is oan the pul again.
Hope fur aw singul BOOBs oot thair gaun bi her previous foarm.
Mibbe she'll be in the star in Lithgi this Settirdiy?
Git in thair min.
(NB - oanly if ye like "washer-wummins haunds" gon bi foaty)


Anonymous said...

Jing, richt enough she does have hands. A never noticed them afore!!

Yan said...

Neither did ah until it wis pointed oot!

Tricky said...


Anonymous said...

as my auld maw used to say..."she's nothin but a tail"