Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coffin Block - The Mass Debate Continues

As I was already going out for a walk, I took Tricky's suggestion and detoured to take a picture of the Coffin Block. So what do you think? Coffin-shaped or not coffin-shaped.


Anonymous said...

Ye canny see it in this photy but it's the doors thit are coaffin shaped.

Tricky said...

the coffin shaped bit is covered by the metal. Next time take your crow bar Mog

Dan Broon said...

The coaffin bloak hus many mysterious secrets - the cul-de-sac itsel is an upside doon coaffin shape - is u kin see here:

The reason fur this accordin ti Wikipedia wis thit the bloak wis built oan tap i an auld Knights Templar Graveyaird. Legend hus it thit is the last restn place i St. John de Corbiere, a servant to the last Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, wha wur baith burnt it the stake in Paris in 1314 bi oardir i King Philip IV - hence the name "Corbiere's Hell" shortened through the ages ti Corbiehall.

Yan said...

Cheers Dan Broon. that's whit ah wis tryin ti describe. It's the shape i the hale bloak thit looks like a coafin.

futin det said...

Dans right.
Apparently JFK was reading an article about that very thing on the plane into Dallas that fateful day.
Also, Dodi and Diana weren't really heading to Corvis for a quick "Broon Fish supper" as the authorities would have us believe. They were ,of course, planning to visit the Coffin Block to see for themselves. In fact, eyewitnesses say the infamous and elusive "white Fiat" had a Bonny Bo'ness sticker in the back window.

Tricky said...

Well, mibbe we're both right. And mibbe in future, it'll be suggested that it's called the Coffin Block as that's where the plans to regenerate the foreshore died a death.

Fut, you can get tablets for that.