Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brekkin: Mairches Washoot = £££

Torrential downpours may have severely affected today's Lithgi Mairches celebrations but it failed to dampen the spirits i yin lucky Lithgi Bistro owner - his profits came floodin in.
"Sodden Black Bitches were scramblin ower thumselves ti git a sate oot i the pishn rain", said an emotionallly drained Lorne Sossage. "Bit we wur ready fur thum - ma Maw hud made plenty extra stovies".
But there wis some anger fi regular customers as to the sharp increases in prices oan the day. When asked aboot this a defiant Mr. Sossage retortit, "Hey - if they Gairiges kin day it so kin ah. Pittn a roal oan egg up ti £1.99 wis in response ti increast demand, no a cynical attempt ti cash in oan the situation".
Mr. Lorne also reacted angrily ti rumours gaun aboot Bo'ness thit he is tryin ti git nixt year's Bo'ness Fair Procession route chinged fi Grahmsdyke Road ti roond bi Champany and along Lithgi High Street.

1 comment:

Lorne said...

Utter lees min, am no geein oot a penny chinge tae naebdy, twaw pound. Ken the sayin "save the pennies and the pounds will look efter thumsels"
Is fir the rest of Carriers quote too true min.