Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome Bo'ness Fair Week Visitors

Undoubtedly in error you huv landit in the Boys of Old Bo'ness webshite, Scotland's Number Yin Mid-life crisis blog aboot Bo'ness written bi the hardest baistarts oot i 1980s G-pans, G-dyke, Mairchlinds, Baptie Place n Ewart Grove (back i the telephone exchinge).
Anyweys u r maist welcome.
Feel free ti leave us sum comments aboot yir experience. the comments are the funniest hing aboot this site n that's no sayn much.
Please browse thru oor aulder stuff doon thair oan the richt haun side is we are runnin oot i ideas.
Why no drap us an email, esp. if u r a Russian female, wi foaties if possible.
We esp want ti here fi Nigerians wha are lookin fur a cash deposit, is we r suited n booted wi cash ti burn.
Aw the best fi the BOOB!

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