Thursday, July 31, 2008

BOOB Annual Sparks Fury

Controversy hit the streets i Bo'ness the nicht when it wis discovered thit the BOOB Tickly Bits Annual wis removed fi it's website domain fur the reasons above.
Copyrightit and pornographic stuff mibbe, bit gory n hate???
Normal service wul be resumed is soon is possible - naebdy messes wi the award-winnin BOOBs.


Anonymous said...

It's aw they crappy copyrighted seeventies showz yeeze keep shuvvin up.

futin det said...

How dare you !
I've never had anything "Shuvved up" in my life.

Carrier said...

Oanly pics n words n shit appeard in the Tickly Bits.
Am thinkn it hus ti be Lorne's hairy nads.

futin det said...

True, That could come under "gory, or otherwise disturbing content"