Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brekkin: Miracle in Lidl

The holy image i Geets hus appeared in Bo'ness the nicht again, this time in a pund i seedless grapes boacht in credit-crunch bustin supermarket Lidl.
Geets, the G-pans icon, hus oaftin given the sign thit he is still here watchin ower us jist like oan yon 'Passing Ower wi Jock Edwards' - recent appearances include a damp patch behind the freezer in Lorne's Bistro , in a Fair foaty i Bridgeness Tower n oan the erse i a stray dug in Jamieson Avenue - aw i which have appeared right here oan the pages i yir super soaraway BOOB.

1 comment:

futin det said...

"And the Lord spoke to Geets, saying, tha'll shalt not work" -
Mathew chapter 12, verse 19.

Thy will be done.