Monday, September 08, 2008

Classic Queen

Wiz jist watchin the Freddie Mercury programme oan Beeb 3 the ither night and jist mindit aboot Lee Evans fantastic take oan Bohemian Rhapsody. Enjoy.


Carrier said...

Did ye no go & see him a while ago?

Lorne said...

Aye wi Mrs Lorne and the ex Mrs Carrier.

Carrier said...

NAw - ah meant mair recently.
That wis a ful lifetime ago.

Mowgli said...

When I saw him at the Fringe some years ago, it was a week after his live show had been shown on the telly and he did 90% of the same material.

Carrier said...

Ah mind we wur in Benidorm, me n Wee Gill, n walked oot oan yin comedian cos his jokes wur gantin.
We walks doon the road ti see anithir comedian n eviry singul yin i his jokes wur the same.
They must buy the same Christmas crackers ower thair.
These so-called comedians are aw the same.