Saturday, November 01, 2008

BOOBS Oot Again

This time its the Real Festival it the Toon Hall.

Gid folky choons wi Marty Pellow lookalike leadin the chorus.

Unusual sight this, the Snashter gittn the drinks in.

Binnz gaun fur the "fu hoose" booze croose.

Broon canny make his mind up ti go fur the hoppy "Nuns Minge" or potent "Bishops Scrotum" (copyright Futin Det)

Big Crowd in fur the beer - Gudge thair anaw.

Anithir BOOB is spottit atween pints - Ricky H wi the wife so oan best behaviour.

Broony n Binnzer make thir way ti the bar again - they raffle tickets are gittn spent like thir gaun oot i fashion. A hauf pint disny last twa meenits wi these hardint drinkers.

Time ti roll up the sleeves n git fired in, is Snash tries ti ootdrink his neebors up the road.

A gid nicht wis hud by aw.

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