Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brekkin: Bo'ness Street Artist Strikes Again

Eagle-eyed Bo'nessians huv emailed BOOB HQ the nicht ti say thit a large comedy penis and testicles has been drawn in the muck oan the road sign jist before Champany Coarnir.
The roadside artist hus also been very particular in adding ejaculate to complete the masterpiece, although the pud appears to be clean shaven and bereft of any bawhair. The etching is visible during the night but really comes alive in the glare i yir car heidlamps it night, according to reports. Catch the fresco afore the nixt rainshower washes it awa.


Bring Back the Boaby !! said...

Sum durty noan airt luvin bammer
hus wiped it afff.

Re instate the Big Boaby ""NOW""

Name and Address Supplied said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the previous comment.

This iconophobic behaviour is simply unacceptable to the majority of fine upstanding residents of Bo'ness.

Nothing would bring more joy back to my heart this Yuletide than to see the Big Boaby in proud resplendance, pointing the way to Champany for weary travellers.

I speak for a whole generation I we say "Bring back the Big Boaby".

WeeGC said...

Surely health and safety needs ti be highlighted here. The oaf who must huv left his car in the middle i the road ti scrub it aff. Whit a tosser.

Greetin Faced Reader said...

It's a muddy disgrace!