Monday, December 22, 2008

Brekkin: Tom Chambers Strictly fi Bo'ness

In what some may mistakedly see as a gratuitous zeitgeist opportunity by this website, Bo'ness man Tom Chambers has won the popular BBC ballroom dancing contest Strictly Cum Dancing, defeating the gorgeous Lisa Snowdon and the wee lassie oot i S Club Seevin in the process.

Settirday's triumph signals a remarkable turnaround in personal circumstances for the former Thirlestane resident. Only last summer Chambers, a part-time model, wis at rock bottom, dressing up is Rupert the Bear to marshall crowds i foreign visitors inty the cheap seats at the Embra Tattoo - see here.

Noo the world wul sharely be his oyster wi offers floodin i fur theatre work and ithir "light oan yir loafers" roles.

His brithir Wee GC missed the final, is he wis refereein sumwhaur is usual.


WeeGC said...

Huv ti say a wis makin ma way back fi Airdrie oan setterday when a received the call ti say he hud won. Efter nearly bein pit oot the week before. Nae truth in the rumor thit he is movin ti the big smoke ti furthir his cha cha cha.

Carrier said...

U defo no comin oan the 29th? Ah heard Superplumb is workin anaw.
Huv u boays no goat sick leave ti take?

WeeGC said...

Is that unificial holidays? Will hae ti sit this wan oot, bit should make it oan the 2nd?