Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gid efternin in the Shank

Gid turnoot fur the traditional 2nd New Year githigithir.
A jam packed Anchor is usual, aw the same faces, Tucker in the backgroond thair anaw.
A wee bit i rockn gaun oan anaw, is Paolo Nutini drappt in fur a wee singalang,
   N the BOOBs wha hud been imbibin since early efternin wur leadn the chorus. Here we see they wee cheeky boays thit yased ti bide it the Thirlestane n the Snash gittn fired inty Wonderwa by Oasis, even tho' Nutini wis yasein the wrang choards.
Nae chance i any bother tho', is security wis tichtly providit bi the Not so Brithirs.

1 comment:

WeeGC said...

Aw the best ti the boob wha didnae git along ti the anchir. Mae ye aw hae a guid yin and I'll see yi oan the fair day?