Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brekkin: Anithir Eastern European Wants ti Stey wi Ye, Eventually Rob Ye

We've received this email tonite at BOOB HQ:

Hello! I am glad send my greetings to you:) My name is Natalya, I’m 29 years old. Sweet, kind, gentle, tender girl searches good man :) My friends speak that I cheerful and sociable girl with which am always pleasant to communicate. Today I opened my email and have been pleasantly surprised to see notification from service of a dating site with you profile and have decided to write to you.

I would like to know you , please write ONLY to my personal email: krasotka757@hotmail.com
if you also are interested in me :)

I wait your answer with impatience,

Aw yoos singletons git in thair.
(NB - She wul probalby need ye ti send some money ower ti git plane tickets fur her n her tattooed brithir).

BOOB UPDATE: Take yir pick

1 comment:

futin det said...

Got any in brunette ? It fur a present yi understand.