Friday, February 13, 2009

Chinged Days

Ma faithir wis telln us a stoary the ithir nicht aboot how he took us aw doon ti Bournemooth n back in his Ford Corsair wi a dodgy clutch.
The day eftir he came back he wis heidn up the brae abin the Kinneil Pit - ken that yin whaur Greegs nearly killt the auld boay wi the bogey ful i tag stolen fi the tip yon nicht we wur racin cars - n the clutch finally broke.
Anyhows - he goat a price fi Riddell's ti fix it n basically it wis dearer thin the residual value i the car.
In the end he managed ti fix it himsel - wi some ROABERTSON'S JAM.
Ah'll tell ye the ful stoary in the pub the nixt time we are oot.
Compare and contrast ti nooadays when ah asked Wee Gill the last time she pit air in her tyres.
"Nivir - ah leave it ti the car gits serviced", she said lookn it me wi they innocent electric blue een i hers is she wis hooverin my hoose.

1 comment:

Kirbside Auto's said...

Riddell's wid uv jist yazed
"ROABERTSON'S JAM" anaw ti soart it.

But thay'll hay a big mark up oan JAM....

he should huv telt Boaby ti yaze "Hame Made Jam" this widuv been a bit cheaper
than yazin the right stuff.