Monday, March 02, 2009

Aspire Stadium

Got ti hand it ti the Qatari fir buildin excellent sport facilities.
Tap phoatie Al Rayyan stadium. Asian games held in the Aspire stadium in 2006.
Oot fir twa matches. Al Rayyan v Qatar Sports Club and Al Wakra v Al Sailiya.
Cum back wi a wee bit i colour fir ma ten days oot there.


Carrier said...

Hom miny i thum did ye send aff?

futin det said...

Can ah be a referee ?

Carrier said...

Whit a gr8 life, ay Fut?
90 meenits work eviry ithir settirdiy, flash a few cairds, send a couple i players aff ti git in the paipers, git sent aw aroond the world ti "team build", retire ti the eftir dinner speakn circuit, etc.
Aw oan oor taxes tae.
Wish ah hud been rubbish it playn fitba anaw.

ps - r the SFA no lookn fur a podiatrist consultant ti accompany thum oan these trips? They sweaty countries must play havoc oan the feet.

futin det said...

No, I don't want to work, I want to be a Referee !

WeeGC said...

They dinae like any contact so games wir easier to ref than oor here. Players still skilful though. a few brazilians players played in oor first game. Decent players although the Gpans Cosmos wid huv gave thum a right gid game.

Carrier said...

Aye - We'd huv bate thum aff the park.

The Bastard Son of Dean Friedman said...

Is a brazilian more than a million?