Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy 40th Lorne Sossage Ya Old Bas

Lithgi's maist famous bistro owner is 40 the day.
Kin u believe it?


WeeGC said...

How aulds the Dolphin? That a yougir model yor intae? Happy Birthday ya auld git!!! HeHe.

Yan said...

Happy birthday bud, disny seem that long ago when we wur young,free n single in Benidorm. Ah, those wur that days

Carrier said...

Nooadays Lorne is maistly ti be funt up ti his elbies in big fat juicy Langoustines, Lobsters n Prawns oan the accoont i a wee deal he's goat gaun wi a local fish trader.

Aye - fi Benidorm ti Bo'ness eftir aw they years, his fingurs are still smellin i the same hing.

Anonymous said...

wit a woofter