Monday, April 06, 2009

Cassaloan Memories

In an interestin article oan the miner's strike i 1974 bi ma Great Uncle Walter in a recent Jurnal, the foaty i Cassaloan, shown above, appeared bit wi very little info.
Careful research bit oor team i BOOB historians hus shed sum further licht oan the matter.

The foaty is tain lookn South ower the rows i miners cottages thit formed the backbone i Cassaloan. The tenement buidn oan the right is the famous Piany Bloak whaur half i Bo'ness comes fi. To the lhs, up a bit whaur the auld Eastern Scoattish bus is headn, presumably the Toon Service, is the bloak whaur ma late Auntie Isabella n Uncle Eric bided.

Ma very ain mithir n faithir steyed up the road fi Ishbel's shoap jist oot i foaty awa ti the left, bit the building in the foregroond is the very first Kinneil Miners Welfare Club thit hud a snooker table in it we are reliably informed.

Any aulder readers shed further light oan the foaty or Cassaloan in general?

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Sparky said...

I thocht it was a foty of castleloan after redevelopment.

Jist goes tae show eh??

Mebbe's the "Twins" or James "squeeze box" Liddle can expand oan this?