Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A look back it the Tommy Boatil Memorial Maisters 2009

The Annual Tommy Boatil Memorial Maisters wis played it a virtual Pebble Beach recently in the hert i Embra. Due ti work committments oanly fower BOOBers wur available ti participate namely Nots So, Davie S, Carrier n Superplumb wha coincidentally wis celbratin his 40th birthdiy. Eftir a herty free brunch i roals oan Sossage n Espresso it the famous Lorne's Bistro - if yir visitin try the "Ah've nae chinge" routine it works eviry time - it wis aff ti Fountain Bridge ti try oot the new Gowf in the City idea.
The teams wur Superplumb n Sags, versus the younger pairing i Carrier n Davie wi the gemme a Texas Scramble Fowerbaw fur skins. Here we see Superplumb givin the honour n teein aff it the furst. A nice long one up the valley.
Here we see several of the participants eftir thir first drive obviously enjoyn themselves. The difference between this game i gowf n previous Maisters tournaments  involves several roonds i bevyy between each hole.
Fower n a hauf hoors later n Davie kin hardly see the screen, nivir mind the baw, oan the par 5 14th hole.
Superplumb findin it hard ti focus oan the bag. Bi this time we hud been playn 5 hoors, wur oan the 5th (!) extra hole, gowf baws wur hittn aff windies n tables n the owners hud gied us a final warning fur the third time. We decided ti caw it quits n heid aff fur the train, the result an honourable draw.
The efternin wid end in the usual chaos is the boays made thir wey back ti Haymarkit via several hostelries.
A grand day oot, although ah canny mind much i it due ti a bump ti ma heid.

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WeeGC said...

Save a walk eh. Ah played Pebbil beach and qatar course when oan ma earlier holiday.