Monday, April 13, 2009

Superplumb hits 40

Belated congrats ti Superplumb wha hit the big 4-0 last Friday. Several i the BOOBs wur tasked wi the joab i gittn him oot the hoose fur an efternin so thit his lang suffern wife could oarganise a wee pairty fur him. Is it happens the Toammy Boatil Maisters wis oan that day so luck wis oan oor side. Whit a day it wis anaw. Foaties n videos cumn soon. Aw the best fi the BOOBs.


Anonymous said...

Happy burfdiy auld superplumb, yi dinny look like yi cood be near 40!!
Sorry thats a lie, yi look much mair than that, is thir no sum sort oh mistake Carrier??? Sharley its 50???????? Auld cant.

WeeGC said...

Happy birthday auld nixt door neighbour. Aw the best and am only twa year a hind ye.