Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bo'ness United 1984 - A BOOB Celebration

On 10th June 1984, the famous Bo'ness United brought the big Junior Cup hame ti its rightful place - Bo'ness.

Sumwhit disgracefully, naebdy in the Toon hus saw fit ti remember the 25th anniversary i this glorious occasion - that's whaur the BOOB comes in.

Noo, fi the comfort i the chair in front i yir PC, u kin relive that magnificent victory.


WeeGC said...

Sorry boys but i huv a confession i endin aff one Lex the leg end Shields in his last junyir game many a year ago. Musselburgh v Pumpherstin The Leg End came oan as a sub and lastit 5 meenuts. Have since met the Leg End oan miny occassions since thit day and i received a pardon.

Steevie Wunder's Dug said...

Whit did ye send him aff fur? did sum blu nose cheetin get pretend i stuck the heid in um?