Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fair Claes 1950s-style

In this photo from the family archive, family and friends wait outside the Douglas Hotel Bar for the procession. [I am led to believe this pub used to be near the town clock. Can anyone confirm this?]


Carrier said...

Is that Yan it the front?

Anonymous said...

If you google Douglas Hotel Bo'ness their is a scran site with a photo. It is the white building on the corner that is the douglas hotel.

Cheers faew Doon Under

futin det said...

The old boy in front of the window (2nd from the right) has that look of quiet contentment you only get while playing a quick frame of "pocket billiards".

WeeGC said...

New cap fir the fair eh?

Griffiths & Oliver said...

One cannot help but admire the sartorial elegance i they auld boays oan the Fair Day of 19oatcake.
Nooadays ita aw yon beige claes ye see the OAPs wearin.
The bespoke tailored suit is a thing of the past.

Jimmy Kidd's Tache said...

Haw! Ye goat er a dizin fowk an twa weans in photis in they days. Ye dinny get that noo min. Haw!

Toon Centre Wino said...

Braw luckin building that.
Probably a nice pint ye goat in thair anaw.
Toon centre improovements?