Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fair E'en Fever Pitch

The Fair E'en celebrations officially commence wi the Carriden Band oan their traditional mairch past BOOB HQ.

Regular BOOB visitor Jim Penman's faimily should feel rightly proud the nicht - the Queen's Airch is a cracker! Well done fi the BOOB ti Jim & team i builders . Sorry - they moby foaties dinny dae it justice, bit Mowgs wul soart that oot ower the next few days nae doobt airmed wi his 20 Megapixel. Ah bumped inty Stanley, Tam Burns n WAGs up there anaw. Gid tae see they aulder boays again.

Anithir airch roond the corner wis lit up braw.

Foreign visitors n Daily Mail readers - you arny dreamin - this is Bo'ness oan the Fair E'en.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos.

Have a great day.

From down under.

Sparky said...

Great photies!!!

What an arch!!!

I'll be there at the Fair, opposite the La Fabrique..

errm Kwik Save/Aldi/Liddles or whitever they call it noo.

shamoan muthaflukka..

Gie us a moonwalk and blame it oan the boogie!!

Carrier said...

U sick muthafucka Sparky!

You're bad, you're bad - really, really bad.

See u the day ah hope.