Friday, June 05, 2009

No Prizes For Third Place

The greatest minds the Boys of Old Bo'ness could muster were at the Richmond Park on Thursday night to tackle the pub quiz. In attendance were Superplumb, Broon, Not So Saggy Lord Snash, Binnz and Mowgli (not pictured). Third wasn't bad considering the winners were using a mobile phone. And we could have an extra point if we'd listened to Not So Saggy about beavers.


WeeGC said...

Poor writing and what a mess of a paper. Sorry boys but you FAIL! Educational standards have to improve! Report cairds are oot fi the school. How did yees git oan. I huv ti pay mair attention in class and easily distractit.

Carrier said...

Ok - jist returnt fi ma hols ti this debacle i a result.
No gid enuff.
We yased ti run this toon, the G-pans Intelligentia, n we need ti reclaim oor croons.
Fi the foaties a couple i hings are obvious - firstly the BOOBs seem ti be surroundit bi the wummin. Nae surprises thair.
Secondly - we appear ti huv loast the quiz oan Geography n Music. So brush up yir skills n wul see yees again oan the 2nd July.

Carrier said...

N in future EIWEYS listen ti Not So Sags aboot beavers - he is an authority oan the subject.