Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Bo'ness Fair - The Unsung Heroes

The BOOB thocht it wis time ti pey tribute ti this team i unsung heroes - The Toon Flag Flying Squad.

Led by Supervisor Butts Ford n Chairgehand Heggie, this band i dedicated professionals, by their single-mindit determination and skilled use i a hired cherry-picker (in line wi the Working it Heights Regulations), manage eviry year ti hing the Bo'ness Fair Procession route flags in the Toon n beyond, singul-handedly bringin joy ti the herts i bairns n adults in Bo'ness n thruoot the world.

Gentlemin - Bo'ness Salutes Yees!

(Foaties lifted wi permission fi S1 Bo'ness. Hunners mair thair anaw)

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