Monday, July 27, 2009

In Udder News

Twa coos huv escaped the Fairmer's Field n are causing traffic chaos oot side Belgica oan the Grangemooth Road.
In a related joke, the coos are baith Fresian.


barrie said...

The coo's coont hus wrisin tae 3 noo, aw wis drivin past the nicht and noticed anithur yin hus been added. A hope it dusni cause a accident but they huv been moooved further back fi the road.A wundir if there horns wurk?

Groogfoot Heifer said...

Well spotted Baz.
The coos are noo oan holiday fur seevin days.
They huv a wee calf.

barrie said...

Ok pull the udder wan.
This is jist gittin silly moo sorry noo.

barrie said...

A wis oot again doon the G mooth road the nicht and guess whit?. Fukin Coos no there. Sumdy said the Coos wir risponsibil fir the Andirsuns Blase and theyve bin roonded up bi the Polis.A thoocht a seen yin wi a lighter last week.