Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Night at the Flicks

It the insistance i Mrs Lorne we visited the re-opened Hippodrome the ithir nicht ti see yon Harry Poattir, Billy's laddie, n sum Half Blood Prince.
A pleasant wee surprise wis the ability ti git a roond in afore the trailers. Here we see Lorne doonin a pint i "Hippodrome" Pale Ale, efficiently served wi a smile bi the lassie Sneddon thit yased ti bide it Victoria Place.
Resident Film Critic Mowgli wis there anaw, sittn in the bleendy seats near the front wi his Mysterious Anonymous Wummin (MAW).
Unless u r right inty Poattir books, the film wis erse-numbingly borin, wi Lorne fawin asleep eftir the first reel.
Mair interstin wis the revamped Hippodrome itself. Crackin min. And it £5 a sate, £3.75 fur the bairns, git yersel doon thair min fur a gid night insteed i gaun up ti Fawkirt.


futin det said...

Took the bairn ti see the cartoons last Sat mornin and Laurel and Hardy film the week before. 2 Quid.
or two for the price i yin wi a jamjar (seriously!!)

Carrier said...


ps - could u email me Fut?