Thursday, September 17, 2009

Superplumb a Faithir Again

Superplumb hus txtd inty BOOB Heidquarters thit Gail hud a wee boy last nicht.

No: 3 laddie fur the 'Plumbs.

Traditional "Wettn The Bairn's Heid" day oot coming soon.

Aw the Best fi the BOOB.

UPDATE: Bairn's name is CAMERON


Rickyh said...

Ah the best ti superplumb his wife and bairn

Lorne said...

Well done Plumb faimily, noo fir number 4!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mr and Mrs Plumb and family from Snash.

WeeGC said...

Three laddies eh? Need anither twa fir a five a side team. Aw the best! Mair sleepness nichts.

wums said...

all the best mate it will be a stop cock you will be needing noo