Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Double Jeopardy!!!

Winner i the quiz gits six oor the foreskin wi a knottit pit bit lace.
Please git yur guid lady ti accomidate yi.
Name the grunds?


Carrier said...

Ye need ti stoap pittn the name i the club in foaties - FC Celje the Slovenians is an easy yin.
Stumped wi the ithir yin tho - is it Pollok?

WeeGC said...

No to the secind yin.

Jimmy Kidd's Tache said...

Haw! is it the wee Calder? Haw!

WeeGC said...

The Glesga Raingurs play here tonight!!!

Lloyd's Bank Exec said...

In that case it must be a Scottish League Division 3 ground.
Ooops! sorry - that's next season.